Scott Hammond
(address and phone available on request)


Seeking a position to utilize my creative skills as a radio show host and on-air personality.


  • Possess an incisive, wry style, outstanding improvisational skills and a demonstrated ability to engage an audience and gain a loyal following.
  • Enthusiastic and motivated, skilled as a copyreader, confident performer and inventive writer.
  • Proficient in control board operation, recording and music scheduling, using:
    Rockwell Collins 1C-10A Audio Console / CoolEdit Pro Multi-Track Recording System
    SAW/ AudioVault
    BTSG Automax 3000 / Music 1 Scheduler / Shortcut 360 / DCS / remote units
    PC with Windows 98 / Sony CD Players / Cart machine, microphones, turntables, cassette decks.


KCLA - American Radio Network, Tustin, California
Control Board Operation/On-Air Skills Training, 1997

Beverly Bremers - Mission Viejo, California
Voice-overs and Voice Characterizations, 1997


Uncle Scotty's Wake Up Call
FREE FM Grande Prairie Alberta 4/2010-PRESENT

Morning show host and American Ambassador to CANADA!

Uncle Scotty's Hot Tub
KNAC.COM, Los Angeles, CA. 2/2009-4/2010

Host of midday show Monday through Friday on internet radio site. Conduct interviews with touring bands, take requests via chatroom, read commercial copy, inform and entertain the heavy-metal audience with headbanging favorites!

Uncle Scotty's Hot Tub
Dial Global, Valencia CA. 9/2007-PRESENT

Saturday Night Request Show broadcasting into 40 markets nationwide. The show was cut due to corporate merger at the end of 2008 but they've kept me on the roster for possible fill in work.

Uncle Scotty
KLKX FM, Palmdale CA. 5/2006-1/2009

Morning show host and APD at Classic Rocker. Create gameshows for giveaways, conduct interviews with guests, make appearances on behalf of the station, production, general tomfoolery.

Uncle Scotty's Hot Tub
KISM FM, Bellingham, WA. 4/2004-5/2006

Overnights, weekends and fill-in guy at Northwest Classic Rocker. Live and voicetracked airshifts, production and imaging, remote broadcasts and some music scheduling.

Uncle Scotty's Hot Tub
KMGI FM, Pocatello, ID. 8/2003-4/2004

Host of the daily morning show at classic rocker, performing skits, gameshows, gathering and reporting news, interacting with listeners, live remotes, creating chaos in the community. Production director, with duties including copywriting, producing and organizing production facilities. Also doing extra work for local production house with several exclusive accounts.

Uncle Scotty's Hot Tub
KNAC.COM, Los Angeles, CA. 3/2003-8/2003

Host of midday show Monday, Wednesday and Friday on internet radio site. Conduct interviews with touring bands, take requests via chatroom, read commercial copy, inform and entertain the heavy-metal audience with headbanging favorites!

Uncle Scotty's Hot Tub
KSCB-FM 107.5, Liberal, KS, 6/2000 - 6/2002

Host of a daily morning show. Conduct interviews with in-studio guests, perform live remotes and appearances, create game shows for giveaways with live callers. Compose, produce and record original commercial spots, utilizing my talent for voice characterizations and comedy writing.

Scott Hammond's Wake Up Call
KSSI-FM 102.7, Ridgecrest, CA, 4/1999 - 10/1999

Hosted a daily morning radio program and also a weekly, one hour heavy metal show, personally obtaining new sponsorship and building a large following after only three months. Conducted interviews with in studio guests, performed live remotes and appearances, ran a  daily on-air game show with live callers, researched and reported news, performed live sponsor  reads and booked and promoted out of town talent. Wrote, produced and recorded original skits, liners and commercial spots using various character voices. Performed all music and some traffic scheduling.

Ritchie Roach Show
KCLA-FM 99.3, Hollywood, CA, 1998 - 4/1999
KLAS-FM 89.7, Hollywood, CA, 1997-1998
KCLA-FM 99.3, Tustin, CA, 1997

Personally conceived and developed live, weekly talk radio program consisting of original skits, music and occasional guest interviews. Operated a multitrack studio recording system to present outrageous skits and sponsorship spots. Performed sung and spoken voice characterizations to create comic personalities and commercial jingles.

The Slumlord Radio Hour
KWIZ-FM, Pasadena, CA, 1994

Presented weekly, live radio show as a member of the rock band, Slumlord. Played and sang original music, performed comedy, and promoted band gigs to build the fan base.

Lead Vocalist/Frontman
Various Los Angeles rock bands, 1980 - 1997

Created and developed the band image and stage persona for numerous rock bands, designing and performing both live club and concert shows. Participated in all aspects of recording, engineering and producing of albums. Served as manager, interview spokesman, promoter and booking agent with responsibility for all marketing/ promotional functions, financial arrangements and band supervision, developing effective marketing strategies, utilizing radio interviews, advertising and other methods to build the fan base and generate new audiences. Built productive industry contacts/relationships.


Jeff Gonzer, Program Director Dial Global, (310)903-2147.
Chris Cox, Program Director KLKX, (661)947-3107.
Terry Miller, PD, KSCB (800)373-3891.
CJ Morrison, PD, KMGI (208)233-2121.
Sean Green, Program Director KMGI, .
Carol Dooley, PD, KISM (360)734-9790.
Dave Lee, Programmer, The Rocket KHST (620)232-5993.
Ryan Keith, Afternoon Drive/ Production Director KMXL, .